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Session With Goddess Ana

Her ability to disarm you is her secret weapon. Goddess Ana does not suffer fools. She has strict boundaries which she expects you to follow. However her practice is extremely open minded to even the most naughtiest of kinks. 




 Bondage/tie and tease
 Bi Exploration
 Foot Fetish/Worship

Her practice of BDSM is rooted in SSC and RACK
She enjoys intelligent conversation and creating real and everlasting bonds with her submissives. You are here to prove to her that you are worthy of that honor. 

To arrange a session with the Goddess Ana please enquire via email or using the chat box below.

Find your place beneath her

Kindly remember Goddess Ana does NOT offer sexual services - only Domination


Goddess Sessions

Her sessions are mainly run in established dungeons, which can be hired out hourly to daily- at your leisure (or pleasure.) Ana is a goddess and teacher, ready to break your will and make you Hers. 
Slaves worship Her, brats break under Her. 

You can also spoil her with Gift Cards or Wishlist items but these DO NOT count as Tributes or session payments.

Basic Session Rules:

A good sub communicates their limits with their Mistress so she may effectively control their thoughts and actions.
A good sub will show gratitude towards their Mistress as both a sign of superiority and respect.
A good sub will respect their Mistress’ time and do as they are told.
A good sub will await instructions and not act out of line.
A good sub obeys their Mistress because they know she is superior and knows what is best for them.
A good sub gets to know their Mistress on a deeper level so they can anticipate her wants and needs. 

Hard Limits:
⛔ Nonconsent
⛔ Scat


Outfit Requests

She has an incredible array of outfits and styles that she has collected through her years of experience, here are some options:

Slutty dresses and short skirts
Tight leggings, body suits and swimwear

Sexy shoes, boots 
Trainers and flats
Stockings and tights
Fetish wear

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